What does L.E.D stand for?

Light Emitting Diode. Our L.E.D products are battery operated LED light emitting devices that either require to be turned on or are impact activated.

How long do the L.E.D golf balls last?

All impact activated golf balls, will last for approximately 35 hours. The golf ball will effectively be switched on with impact activation: (by dropping the ball on the ground or hitting with a club). The timer lasts 8 mins before the light inside the golf ball will switch off. To turn it back on. The ball will need to be impacted again to restart the timer. 

How long until the batteries die?

We still have fully functional stock dating back to 2010 when we first started manufacturing L.E.D golf balls. The battery life of each ball is approximately 35 Hours. However we have had golf balls stay lit up to twice as long during testing. 

What are the golf balls like to hit?

Our L.E.D golf balls have light components, batteries and electronics to achieve a light up golf ball. They are encased in a Surlyn cover to provide the same level of accuracy and distance of any professional golf ball. However L.E.D golf balls are a novelty ball and as such should be treated like a toy. Hitting the golf balls will feel a little like hitting rocks with some clubs. With the increasing technology in clubs we DO NOT recommend using some of the modern day drivers made out of Composite and Titanium. Whilst we have never had a single word of negative feedback about our balls causing damage to any golf clubs. We have heard of competitor and inferior products causing some damage on impact. 

What are the best colours to use?

The light emitted from the golf balls are super bright L.E.D's. You will have no problem seeing them flying through the air or on the Green or Fairway from long distances. Our personal favourite colours are Green and Pink which look awesome lit up together. Our recommendation collect them all. 

How do you identify different coloured L.E.D golf balls from each other without being lit up?

Each L.E.D golf ball is easily identified by the colour of the logo on the ball. A Red L.E.D golf ball will have a Red logo. A Green L.E.D golf ball will have a Green logo. The only exception to this will be a White lit ball which has a Black logo.