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  • Light activated
  • Max velocity
  • Max precision and control
  • 50 Hour long life battery
  • Multi-colour selection (single ball)
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The V4 Sprectre LED golf ball is one of our newest and most exciting products to hit the green. Uniquely different to our other variations of Led golf balls. These balls are installed with light activators instead of impact activators. Each ball comes in 7 colours and is easily changed at the flash of a torch or phone light. 

Use our purpose made LED light activator torches to turn-on the internal LED lights causing the golf ball to glow one of our 7 bright colours (Blue, Green, Light Blue, Red, Orange, Pink, and White). Each ball is printed with an activation point so you know exactly where the internal switch is. Wave a light over the activation point to cycle through each of the 7 colours or to turn it on or off. The ball will stay lit until turned off. The batteries inside the golf ball are sealed and cannot be replaced. Life of the batteries is approximately 50 hours. 

Key Features:

Seven Exciting Colors: Choose your preferred color simply by cycling through one of the exciting colours using our purpose made light activator torch or phone light.  

Light Activated: Turn the light on when your ready and turn it off when your done. Ensures continual play without the need to wait for the timers or impact to the golf ball. 

50 Hour Batterry Life: Extended 50 hour battery life. 

Max Velocity, Precision & Control: Our V4 Sprectre LED golf balls are the most advanced and superior quality LED golf ball on the market. 15 years of development to create the ultimate dusk to dawn golf ball. 

Sexiest Looking Branding to Date: What better colour to illuminate the function of the ball then a gold logo to establish this ball as our premium product of choice and best value for money!

Best Value For Money: Save the dollars buying a 6 pack and have all colours in your pocket in a single LED golf ball. 


  • Weight: 45.6 +/- 0.3g
  • Dimples: 332
  • Velocity: 250Ft/Sec max
  • Distance: 275 Yds

Please note: The V4 Sprectre LED golf ball has been the trials and tribulations of 15 years of product testing and development. These balls are best suited for mini golf, night golf, driving ranges, all golf applications. As this product is light sensitive it should be kept in a cool dark environment and not exposed to any light sources or sunlight. As such we cannot offer our standard warranty terms with this product. From time of manufacture to delivery the V4 Sprectre LED golf ball is stored in light inhibiting storage bins to gurantee each balls full battery life. The maximum time we can warrant this product is two full days from date and time of delivery. Please contact us in the event of any warranty concerns within this time frame. No exceptions can be provided. We do not recommend the use of heavy clubs like drivers and woods. As these can cause internal electrical components to become dislodged during play and the golf balls to malfunction. Whilst we strive to provide a real feeling golf ball these are a novelty product. 

Warranty: 2 days from date and time of delivery. 

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Best use
  • Mini golf / Night golf
  • 250Ft/Sec max
  • 275 Yds
  • DupPont Surlyn Iononomer Resin
  • 4 Lights


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