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  • Impact activated
  • 8 Min reset timer
  • Max velocity
  • Max precision and control
  • 50 Hour long life battery
  • Easy colour identification
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The V3 Superbounce LED golf ball is one of our newest and most exciting products to hit the green. The name as it suggests guarantees every hit gets you closer to target. These balls have been made purely with the intent of making the best quality LED night golf ball on the market. 

Once hit an in built timer inside the golf ball will activate the LED lights causing the golf ball to glow one of our 6 bright colours (Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, or White). The ball will stay lit for 8 mins. Every impact resets the timer inside ensuring continual play without the need to wait for the timer to time-out before hitting the ball again. The batteries inside the golf ball are sealed and cannot be replaced. Life of the batteries is approximately 50 hours.

Key Features:

Six Exciting Colors: Choose your preferred color or mix and match to create a stunning visual spectacle across your golf course. 

Impact Activated 8 Min Reset Timer: No need to turn the ball on before play. Once you hit the ball, the impact activators turn the internal lights on emitting a bright glow in the colour of your choice. very impact resets the timer inside ensuring continual play without the need to wait for the timer to time-out before hitting the ball again. 

50 Hour Batterry Life: An upgrade to our V1 and V2 balls with much longer lasting batteries to ensure continual play without any downtime.

Max Velocity, Precision & Control: Our V3 Superbounce LED golf balls are the most advanced and superior quality LED golf ball on the market. 15 years of development to create the ultimate dusk to dawn golf ball. 

Easy Colour Idenitfication: Each golf ball has a logo specifically coloured to the same colour as the lights internally to ensure you always know the colour of your ball before ever teeing off. 

Two Great Brands to Choose: We now stock this product in two great brands including the newest brand to hit the market Ballzout. 


  • Weight: 45.6 +/- 0.3g
  • Dimples: 332
  • Velocity: 250Ft/Sec max
  • Distance: 275 Yds

Please note: The V3 Superbounce LED golf ball has been the trials and tribulations of 15 years of product testing and development. These balls are best suited for mini golf, night golf, driving ranges. All golf applications. 

Warranty: 14 days from date and time of delivery. 

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Best use
  • Mini golf / Night golf / Driving ranges
  • 250Ft/Sec max
  • 275 Yds
  • DupPont Surlyn Iononomer Resin
  • 2 Lights


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