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V2 Powerlight L.E.D LIGHT UP NIGHT GOLF BALLS (Colour: BLUE - 6 colour range)

V2 Powerlight L.E.D LIGHT UP NIGHT GOLF BALLS (Colour: BLUE - 6 colour range)

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Light up your life with our super bright LED golf balls.

We stock a 6 colour range including RedGreenBlueOrangePink and White.

The very nature of our products is about bringing families together to share common interests. Perfect for mini golf, family fun, night driving, club houses and social competition applications. The power and attraction to LED lights bursting into colour amidst the nights back drop as you drive them home creates a strange sense of excitement even the most professional of golfers would find appealing. GloBall provides the high performance aerodynamics, control, accuracy, feel and distance you expect from a professional quality ball. 

Once hit an in built timer inside the golf ball will activate the LED lights causing the golf ball to glow a bright colour. The ball will stay lit for 8 mins, or until hit again where the timer will reset itself back to zero. The batteries inside the golf ball are sealed and cannot be replaced. Life of the batteries is approximately 35 hours.

  • Weight: 45.6 +/- 0.3g
  • Dimples: 332
  • Velocity: 250Ft/Sec max
  • Distance: 275 Yds
All balls are colour coded with a logo to match the colour of the LED light. Our V2 Powerlight L.E.D golf balls are the most advance and superior quality L.E.D golf ball on the market. 12 years of development to create the ultimate dusk to dawn golf ball. 
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