The Gold Coast has been heating up over the last week, a string of heat waves that could actually make your face melt. Apart from the very obvious concerns of Sun and harmful UV rays. Turning your attention from playing during the day to at night has become the only way to escape that hot sun!

The Sun sets behind you for those euphoric silhouette photo opportunities. You draw the club back and up behind your back; *click the camera takes that perfect shot that makes you shine like the sun itself as the new pro player in town. And you realise you have been playing golf all wrong! Dusk to dawn is the new hot time to play when you no longer need to bring a spare shirt just to wipe the sweat from your forehead. 

Not all courses have the ability to field the course with flood lighting but GloBall has the perfect addition to allow gameplay all through the night. Each strike of the ball activates an 8 Min timer allowing 8 Minutes to find that gloriously lit golf ball. A special impact activation module resets after every striking hit of the golf club.

Its like watching stars shooting across your golf field which excite the inner child opening presents on Christmas day. And a great opportunity to get the Girlfriend, or your wife out playing your favourite game! 

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