Growing up on a cane farm in Northern NSW, there wasn't a great lot to do except run from our very head butty Ram 'Alex'. My uncle would occasionally visit, and with him he would always bring the latest craze in toys yet to hit the market. For me as a kid during this time I found myself fascinated with anything that could glow in the dark.

Uncle Dave has always played a significant role in my life; for him he was just a big kid sharing his toys. For us this was a time of luminescent products made from glow in the dark powder like glue, nail polish and face paint. As a kid turning off the lights and seeing the night come to life always stirred a buzz of activity in my mind. My room always plastered with stars, planets and those limited edition tazos glowing a soft red at the charge of a light source. 

Fast forward to a time when the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 hit home and literally almost took it out with the property bust that came with it. I needed a side hustle to create a little extra cash to pay those ever increasing interest rates. 

Guess who visits at the perfect moment? My uncle, and with his visit an idea to produce luminescent golf balls. An easy to make glow in the dark product that would only require the use of a small light source to charge the golf ball. Add a tee a tee off zone and a golf club and you have a shooting star. But just like shooting stars these luminescent golf balls would fade out as they would soar towards the Green as the charge of the chemical compound finally ceased. 

We needed a stronger light source. Something that would illuminate the night sky like the stars themselves. Adding LED diodes inside a Surlyn encased outer shell along with a power source and a reset timer switch and you have yourself an LED golf ball!

We now boast to be the largest manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer of LED golf balls in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. We supply some of the biggest golf retailers like Drummond golf, pro-shop golf clubs, charity and fund raiser events, Mini-golf venues and the hearts of families across the country. 

Glow Australia providing the only night golf GloBall you will ever need; The ultimate dusk to dawn golf ball!

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