Whilst we may have been in the industry of the wonderful world of golf for the last 15 years. We are only just starting to touch the surface with our ability to supply an abundance of the best kept secrets to making the Worlds best night golf ball.

A steady increase in the demand for night golf games have allowed us to tailor make LED golf balls bestsuited to its niche market. Over the coming months we will be releasing 5 variations including 4 new types of golf balls and each of them specifially tailored to each specific activity.

Our current V2 Power Light is the staple to our night golf needs. Its super bright Surlyn encased shell is the standard by which this particular golf ball can be utilised for any golf activity. Its strong and robust, but has a shorter game of play for those amateur golfers that need to keep their ball in sight as they play from tree to tree. This is the ball that we have spent the last 15 years fine tuning the craft of game play. The V2 comes in 6 great colours and easily identified by its printed logo in the same colour of the internal diodes.

If you have been interested in generating extra turnover for your business, sourcing an event to find hose much needed funds for your club house, or just want to have an epically great time with friends and foe on the golf green give us a call to discuss everything you need to host a successful event!

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